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Woman's Hour Drama – Cheri Ep 1/5

Easter Monday 24 to Friday 28 March

10.45-11.00am BBC RADIO 4

Set around 1912 in the sophisticated world of Parisian courtesans, this story burrows beneath the sharp, brittle exterior, to reach poignant human truths.

For five years, successful courtesan Lea (49) has been having a passionate affair with Freddie (25) – known to everyone as Cheri. He is the illegitimate son of her friend and old rival, Madame Peloux, and is beautiful, immature and petulant. Lea is rich and Cheri is very rich. They live a life of total luxury and sensuality. When Cheri announces his intention to be married, he changes the course of both their lives for ever. Lea is affronted, although she pretends to be unaffected. Cheri promises her that he will come back after his honeymoon in Italy. Cheri does eventually return to Lea – but can their love survive?

The cast includes Lindsay Duncan as the narrator, Joseph Millson as Cheri and Frances Barber as Lea.

Producer/Pauline Harris

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