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Joseph Millson moves from heroic roles at the Royal Shakespeare Company to make a square-jawed Prince Charming...

Ian Shuttleworth Financial Times Dec 07

She's balanced by Joseph Millson's equally strong-voiced, nicely timed Prince Charming.

David Benedict Variety Dec 07 

Paul Keating’s Buttons, Joseph Millson’s Prince Charming and Debbie Chazen’s grotesque, Elton John- like Candida are also worth mentions in dispatches. 

Tim Walker The Telegraph Dec 07

As for the story’s twists, the ball becomes a reality contest in which a wife for the buff Prince Charming (Joseph Millson) is chosen by public phone vote...

Caroline Bishop Official London Theatre Guide Dec 07.

The beautifully funny actor Joseph Millson is the first Prince Charming I've seen who lives up to his name

Kate Bassett The Independent Dec 07

In British panto, the principal boy is usually played by a thigh-slapping woman in tights. Fry's Prince Charming is the handsome Joseph Millson instead, and he gets a titillating -- yet perfectly innocent -- shower scene. On the night I saw it, little girls, their mothers, and some men were screaming with excitement.

Warwick Thompson Dec 07

Joseph Millson is a suitably erect Prince Charming

Michael Coveney  What's On Stage Dec 07

Madeleine Worrall is a sweet-natured Cinders, however, Paul Keating is child-friendly as Buttons, Pauline Collins is a delightful Fairy Godmother and Joseph Millson is a charismatic Prince Charming.

Charles Spencer The Telegraph Dec 07

Since it plays around with the form so much, this is more a panto for sophisticated grown-ups than the very young. If you've seen scores of Cinderellas it's intriguing to find the heroine being accused of "pathological inanition" by the Fairy Godmother and asking the audience: "Am I really colourless and insipid?" (The house was divided on this one.) Equally the radical idea of Joseph Millson's strapping Prince Charming taking a shower is one best appreciated by panto buffs.

Michael Billington The Guardian Dec 07

I think it's great that Buttons and Dandini get it together and I quite liked the shower scene involving Joseph Simmons's heart-throb hunk of a Prince.

Paul Taylor The Independent  Dec 07

...with Prince Charming, Joseph Millson, also excellent...

Westend Whingers Dec 07

Prince Charming (Joseph Millson, spot on) is a colourful creation, and his trusted friend Dandini even more so. Panto has always been a high-camp affair but Fry tosses it entirely out of the closet by having Chippendale Dandini indulging in a sexually-charged showering scene with the Prince. The men discuss their dream women until it becomes clear that Dandini's dream woman is a man. The entire scene is joyous, neatly unveiling the homoerotic subtext.

Harriet Davis Rogues & Vagabonds Dec 2007

The regal team is led by Joseph Millson playing a hunky and at one point strip-teasing Prince Charming; and Oliver Chopping as Dandini, the sidekick with an overwhelming liking for Buttons and bows.

Peter Lathan British Theatre Guide Dec 2007

The central romantic roles are traditionally the most colourless, and Madeleine Worrall sings prettily but offers little more, though Joseph Millson gives the Prince an unexpected intelligence and sense of irony.

Gerald Berkowitz Theatre Guide London Dec 2007

Romantics from both sides of the straight/gay divide are catered for, with Joseph Millson’s hunky-but-ironic Prince for the ladies and a fairytale love blossoming between Buttons and Dandini for the men.

Helen Chapell Tribune Dec 2007

Audiences of whatever persuasion will enjoy a shower scene that finds Joseph Millson's hunky Prince Charming taking it all off...

Matt Wolf Theatre News Online Dec 2007

The show is well cast with Madeleine Worrall’s Cinderella making the most of what is normally the worst part in the show. Joseph Millson’s preening Prince Charming (he even strips and takes a shower) sends himself up with abandon.

Michael Darvel Classical Dec 2007

Nor can you fault Joseph Millson’s dashing Prince...

Jonathan Gibbs Timeout Dec 2007