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"Though both the crippled aesthete played by Michael Matus and the self-confident stud played by Joseph Millson could easily become comic caricatures, both actors imbue them with a human reality that is touching and convincing."

Theatre Guide London  Gerald Berkowitz 2001  

By contrast, Maggie will eventually meet Stephen, who boasts that going into Parliament might just be worthy of his considerable talents (Joseph Millson, giving a frighteningly up-to-date performance... ).

This is Oxfordshire  Archive 2001

The acting is phenomenal.....Joseph Millson makes up this fine company

London Theatre  Darren Daglish April 2001

But the adaptation and production combine in a powerful telling of Eliot's story of a young independent-minded woman trying to find her way on a life that doesn't allow her the freedom she requires; this version even solves some of the problems often felt by readers of the novel.

Ian Shuttleworth April 2001

The Shanghai Centre Theatre was packed last Wednesday when the Shared Experience Company from Britain presented the Shanghai premiere of "Mill on the Floss," a play adapted from the George Eliot novel, according to China Daily on July 2.

People's Daily (China) July 2001

It's a joy to watch this eight-strong cast working together, moving together, transforming together, as Eliot's epic is compressed into buoyant and seamlessly integrated episodes. This may be a period piece, but it's not remotely genteel or fusty.

The Independent April 2001 Brian Logan