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Pillars Of The Community

Author: Henrik Ibsen (new version by Samuel Adamson)

Director: Marianne Elliot

National Theatre Production


Calamity strikes when Bernick’s business prowess and pristine reputation are threatened by the revelation of a long-buried secret. Desperate to dodge exposure in the kowtowing local community, Bernick devises a pitiless plan which, by a shocking twist of fate, risks the one life he holds dear.

The National marks the centenary of Ibsen’s death with a vital new version of this rarely performed thriller, set amid a society struggling against the rush of capitalism, the lure of America and the passionate beginnings of the fight for female emancipation.

Joseph Millson Role

Johan Torrensen

Lesley Manville and Joseph Millson as the outcast relatives shine particularly brightly. The Telegraph


Oct '05 - Feb '06: Lyttleton Theatre


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