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Richard II

Author: William Shakespeare

Director: Steven Berkoff

Ludlow Festival & Festival de Almagro, Spain 


Before King Richard, Bolingbroke accuses Mowbray of embezzling crown funds and of plotting the death of his uncle, the Duke of Gloucester. They will not be reconciled. The widowed Duchess of Gloucester pleads with Gaunt to avenge the death of her husband. But Gaunt can do nothing because it is the King who is responsible for his brother, Gloucester's death.
Bolingbroke and Mowbray are about to fight. Richard stops the fight before it can begin. Bolingbroke is exiled for ten years (later reduced to six); Mowbray is exiled for life. Richard, his cousin Aumerle, Bushy, Bagot and Green discuss Bolingbroke's departure for France. The King decides to levy taxes to fund the military campaign in Ireland. Gaunt sends for his nephew, the King. more

Joseph Millson Role


"He is never any match for Joseph Millson's Bolingbroke, who manages to blend passion with dignity even whilst the actor pays lip-service to Berkoffian stylistic excess." Financial Times


25th June - 9th July '05: Ludlow Castle

15, 16 July '05: Festival de Almagro, near Madrid, Spain.


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