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Genre Play at the Almeida Theatre

Authors Ödön von Horváth adapted by Christopher Hampton 

Director James MacDonald


Adapted by Christopher Hampton from Austrian playwright Ödön von Horváth's play, Judgment Day was written and is set in 1937, in a small village in Austria. Diligent railway station master Thomas Hudetz is a well respected member of his local community. That is until the charms of flirtatious young Anna distract him momentarily from the operation of the signals. There are no survivors from Express Train 405.

The small town seeks a culprit but it seems only Anna knows the truth about the conscientious station master. Written during the rise of Fascism, the question of moral responsibility lies at the heart of Judgment Day.

Joseph's role



Thu 3 Sep 2009 - Sat 17 Oct 2009 (10th Sept opening night)


And Joseph Millson's perfomance, as the stationmaster Thomas Hudetz, is phenomenal. There is a touch of the automaton about him, as if doing a job reliant on clockwork had affected his own inner workings. It is painful to behold his stressed, placatory smile. Something fundamental is wrong – even before he goes completely off the rails. The Guardian


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