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The Fairy Queen Reviews

 For the spoken play he has a full company of strong actors, led by Sally Dexter (pictured) and Joseph Millson as the predatory Titania and Oberon, and Desmond Barrit as a delightfully dead-pan Bottom hailing from the Welsh valleys...  Financial Times

You can't fault the acting either, and Joseph Millson's gracefully sinister Oberon and Oliver Le Sueur's unusually sympathetic Demetrius are outstanding. The Guardian

For a start, the teeming cast includes a dozen fine actors, playing most of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream — albeit rewritten to suit cruder Restoration tastes. Sally Dexter is a terrifyingly furious Titania; Joseph Millson a sardonic, darkly handsome Oberon; and Desmond Barrit a blissfully funny Welsh windbag of a Bottom. The Times

It works better than anyone could have imagined, with a first-rate team of actors led by Sally Dexter’s Titania, Joseph Millson’s Oberon and Desmond Barrit’s Bottom, an equally fine ensemble of singers, plus a troupe of dancers executing Kim Brandstrup’s steps. It’s a superb company achievement. The Stage

The Fairy Queen: trailer for the Glyndebourne revival

Posted: Aug, 10, 2012

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To go along with the Glyndebourne revival of Jonathan Kent's 2009 production of The Fairy Queen, this trailer has been uploaded. More information about the production along with links to watch it online until August 17th can be found on the Glyndebourne website

Watch Act 1
Watch Act 2

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Judgment Day: BBC interview 2009

Posted: Feb, 14, 2011

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I found this old 2009 interview with Joseph for BBC Beds, Herts and Bucks 'Loving life in small-town Berko', promoting Judgment Day at The Almeida. 

Loving life in small-town Berko Judi Herman

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