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Grid Legends: character interviews

Posted: Jan, 25, 2022

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Grid Legends has released video interviews with the characters involved, including Joseph Millson as Ryan McKane. 

Ryan McKane
Age: 55
Position within GRID: Manager of Ravenwest Motorsport
Nationality: USA

The team owner of the infamous Ravenwest Motorsport, Ryan McKane is continuing a legacy that he’s been hell-bent on creating since childhood. An on-track incident that took the life of Ryan’s father, Kyle, has always lit a fire under Ryan to succeed in the world of motorsport – by any means necessary.

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Big Finish and Grid Legends news updates

Posted: Jul, 30, 2021

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Some news finally of a couple of little projects Joseph Millson has been working on over the last year. 

The first is for Big Finish: Doctor Who Dalek Universe, with Joseph Millson playing Colonel Keenan. The new episodes are available to pre-order and Big Finish on Twitter has shared new promo covers for the audio books.


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