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Welcome to a website dedicated to supporting Joseph Millson, the talented, versatile award winning British actor, who won 'Best Performance in a Play' at the 2017 UK Theatre Awards for his lead role in the RSC's The Rover, and a 2018 Take5 Theatre Award for for his two roles in Apologia at the Trafalgar Studios.

Joseph was recently on stage as Mr banks in the West End in Mary Poppins, and will next be seen in Betrayal at the Theatre Royal in Bath 14-31 October 2020.

Recent feature films include Angel Has Fallen, and Dragonheart Vengeance. Season 4 of TV series The Last Kingdom was recently screened on UK TV.

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Angela: audio-digital play by Mark Ravenhill

Posted: Apr, 01, 2021

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A new audio digital play by Mark ravenhill for the Pitlochry Festival Theatre has tickets available until 2nd April 2021. For more details click on the theatre website. Joseph Millson shared his recent Basic Theatre Award for his role in Mary Poppins on Instagram.

ANGELA - an autobiography by leading dramatist Mark Ravenhill - will be the first of eight new plays delivered in our brand-new audio-digital platform with The Lyceum, and Naked Productions, and directed by Sony Award-winning Polly Thomas.

The link is your ticket and gives you access to the whole event.

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Devoted: BBC Radio 4 drama now on iPlayer

Posted: Mar, 26, 2021

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A recent BBC Radio 4 drama is now availavle to download from BBC iPlayer

Devoted by Ray Connolly

In 2020 writer Ray Connolly spent six months in hospital with Covid. As the virus attacked his body, he was, for much of the time, in a coma. Unaware of how doctors and nurses were saving his life, his mind was filled with fantasies. Only when he recovered did he discover that his wife, Plum, had sent daily bulletins on his condition to their children, some of which had made harrowing reading. Devoted is the story of how Plum would fear the ringing of the phone from the hospital, but also of how music was used to break into Ray’s coma and help nurse him back to health.

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Creation Stories: on SKY and NOW TV from tomorrow

Posted: Mar, 19, 2021

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Creation Stories, a film directed in 2019 by Nick Moran, is released this weekend on Sky Cinema UK and on NOW TV. Joseph plays Peter Mandelson in the biopic of music guru Alan McGee.

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