The current issue of Emmy Magazine, has a behind the scenes feature on 24 Live Another Day, which includes this small photo of Joseph, looking a little 'unwell'. The magazine is available to buy from Zinio. 

Recent interviews with Jimmy McGovern, to promote his new BBC show, include mentions of Banished, which he says is pretty good here, and offers more detail in The Telegraph.

He has, however, written almost all of his next project, Banished, a seven-part series for BBC Two about the first convicts who were transported to Australia in 1788. “I think, as ever, I stumbled upon a really great story,” he says. And, again, McGovern has found a voice for working-class characters. “I’ve got poor, uneducated people speaking in the most articulate fashion. I’ve often seen a character on-screen using a big word, and the writer allows that person to search for the big word, in order to be entitled to say it,” says McGovern. “And I go, ‘P‑‑‑ off!’ I grew up with the most articulate people – and they were dockers.”