Joseph Millson starts shooting his next film project - Angel Has Fallen -  starring Gerard Butler, next week. Den of Geek has some more info about the film, which is shooting mainly in London. Joseph's role will be as Agent Ramirez. Keep an eye on the IMDb page for the film. Digital Spy has shared behind the scenes photos of filming, which has already started in London.

Gerard Butler, next to be seen in Den Of Thieves, is heading to the UK soon to shoot the third film in the series started by Olympus Has Fallen. The new movie – Angel Has Fallen – is set to pick up after the events of London Has Fallen, and will see Butler reprising the role of Mike Banning. This time, it sounds like we’re getting something closer in flavour to Air Force One, with Banning have to do battle with terrorists on, er, Air Force One. The film is going to do some location work in Bulgaria, but the bulk of the production will be housed at Pinewood Studios just outside of London.