The Guardian Observer posted a great review for Banished this morning, calling for another series of the show!

Banished ended badly for pretty much everyone, as it was always going to do as soon as one eyeballed Jimmy McGovern’s credits on the writing. He tried, he really did.

For weeks it was glorious, and cleverly soapy, and intriguing, and incidentally is in danger of making a seriously good late-in-life leading man, a la Clooney, of Julian Rhind-Tutt.

But… he hanged, in the end. The soft-eyed, hard-hearted governor, David Wenham, lost the plot and possibly the colony. The hard-eyed, soft-hearted vicar, Ewan Bremner, refulgent with righteous wrongth, essentially lost his wife to another woman. A cuckold walked into the sea and shot himself, quite possibly because he had been cuckolded by such a splendid name as Kittie McVitie. MyAnna Buring (also splendid, but also her real name) spat in Russell Tovey’s face.

Set in McGovern’s trademark north-west, this would all have been taken care of in a grim side-street pub and the soaking cobbles outside. But this was all Oz, and beaches and bastard redcoats and heaving corsets and filthy personal musket-politics, and all the so much moreish for that, and might, please might, we look forward to Banished II?