A nice review on this site, promoting the Banished DVD, which was released on Monday. 

Banished is a thoughtful and honest look at how those who landed first were treated and what life was like for them.

This blog has been posting recaps for the series. 

Oh, I really hope this show comes back, you guys (and from what I understand of the viewing numbers, the BBC would be kind of crazy not to order another series). It was good. Much, much better than I was expecting. I’m not saying it didn’t have its flaws—the storyline with Kitty, Ross, and Macdonald really needed some more room to breathe, and I never warmed to Tommy as much as I was told I should have. But other aspects were splendid. Buckley showing character growth, with Timmons’s help? Bring it.

If you want series 2, and haven't added your name to the petition, please do so. The more names the better for the BBC to see there are enough fans supporting the show! Remember to use #Banished and #renewBanished on Twitter, where you can. It all helps.