Joseph Millson has written a very exciting script for a short film called CARE, and has launched a kickstarter to fund the making of it, which Joseph will direct. To support the kickstarter, click the video below 

CARE. A SHORT FILM By Joseph Millson.

A short film that follows Michael as he struggles with a bitter divorce and his new status as an at-home carer for the elderly. Can Michael tune in to the wisdom and humour of Alan, the extraordinary man in his care, before anger and bitterness consume him. CAST will include MICHAEL MALONEY (Belfast, The Crown, Young Victoria, Truly Madly Deeply, etc) and MICHAEL BEGLEY (Dr Who, The A word, Two Weeks to Live, Call the Midwife, etc.)

WRITERS STATEMENT. My name is Joseph Millson. I've been a busy actor for thirty years, (Casino Royale, The Last Kingdom, Angel Has Fallen, The Sarah-Jane Adventures, Holby City, 24, RSC, Mary poppins etc, etc). This will be my first film as writer and director.

Why did I write CARE? Three years ago I was in dire financial circumstances. I’d managed to keep my family afloat as a professional actor for over two decades but the wind had stopped blowing in my direction. I was in debt, with rent to pay and children to feed. I searched for work of any description to keep the ship afloat. It wasn’t easy. My extensive acting CV meant nothing to the endless shops and factories I approached. Eventually I was able to meet my bare minimum by working three nights a week at a cocktail bar and by day as an at home carer for the elderly. Both jobs were eye opening, but it was my work as a carer for the elderly that was truly transformative. It’s easy to become disconnected from the world around us, to live inside our smartphones and in our own little worlds. The simple act of caring for strangers, who needed help and stopping to listen to their stories had an amazing effect on me. I was humbled, not just by close contact with the physical and mental disintegration we must all surely face, but by the stoicism and humour with which so many of my clients met their daily challenges. It gave me purpose, pause for thought, a great deal of laughter and much needed perspective.

When looking for inspiration for a short film I kept thinking about this time in my life. I wanted to communicate and share that journey with others; ‘Connection lost to connection found.’ I knew I needed to amplify the experience and wondered what might happen if I dropped a very different version of me into that scenario.

Ten years ago I was in the middle of a terrible divorce and custody battle. I was consumed with anger and despair. The anger was particularly harmful, to those around me but even more so to myself. Anger is at epidemic levels in modern society, and not just road-rage incidents that make the local news, but the decades of unexploded and unresolved hurts that eat many of us up from the inside. I have since completed training with the British Association for Anger Management. The first step to managing anger is to, ‘STOP. Step back, look at the big picture.’

I wanted to illustrate this in a visual way, and place it alongside the transformative power of service to others, so Michael, the protagonist in CARE was born.

Despite everyday surroundings, CARE will be a beautiful and subtle film. Subtext and visual storytelling will be front and centre. With the feel of Danny Cohen’s cinematography in ‘Room’ and ‘This is England’. It will also be funny! It can be a giggle inducing experience to discover how insignificant your worries really are.

The character of Alan is based on my favourite client. His humour and his gratitude lifted my shaken frame every time I saw him. More than a little of his magic is here in this film.

The cast will be led by two hugely experienced and well known actors (already attached) and we will aim to give leg-ups to young heads of departments on our crew, helping them to gain experience on set with experienced cast. Part of our reason for coming to you here via kickstarter is because we want to pay everybody involved a professional wage for their professional work. Short films rarely, if ever make profit, it is a film for social causes and we will aim to make sure it is seen by as many people as possible worldwide.

This will be my first film as writer/director but please follow this link to see a wonderful short film called THE MAGICIAN which I recently produced with the same Director of Photography we will have for CARE please search 'The Magician 4K' on youtube.

CARE will be made with the endorsement of BAAM -the British Association of Anger Management and the physical support of HOME INSTEAD - care providers.