A lovely review for Joseph's performance in Dead of the Nite has been shared on this website

However, Dead of the Nite brilliantly breaks the mold when we, the viewers, experience the movies through the eyes of the detectives AS they review the footage. Too often we get a a full movie supposedly edited together by…the cops? after they’ve found the footage. It’s always bothered us when its just a brief snippet saying ‘oh btw this footage was found by so and so PD and has yet to be released’ qualifies the premise. Very, very invigorating to see it through this perspective, with the sound of tapes being changed etc. Adds an element of authenticity that, while a bit distracting at first, actually gets quite immersing.

Add on to that brilliant performances by Joseph Millson and Gary Mavers as the detectives, and you’ve got a damn f******n SOLID base.