Drive TV has shared some more background detail about the Eight Days That Made Rome series, which Joseph and Sarah-Jane recently filmed in Bulgaria. There is no news yet of a broadcast date for the series. 


This series leaves behind the conventional chronologies of Rome’s thousand-year history and brings razor-sharp focus to eight days that created, tested and defined its greatness. Each programme works as a stand-alone, as strong in its own right as part of a series. Each programme reveals a Rome relevant to us today, with its noblest and darkest instincts still resonating in the world around us.

This new, focused approach is delivered by two complementary storytelling components, each making up 50% of the programme-hour: Full drama sequences (as distinct from illustrative reconstruction) – these stand-alone, fully scripted drama scenes use dialogue closely based on historical sources – for example, the dying words of Nero, as recorded by the historian Tacitus.

Action sequences meld skilled stunt teams work with period detail to awesome effect. High-calibre actors provide intense, credible performances, that allow directors to get close in on the action, whether it’s a gladiator fight or Scipio addressing his troops on the eve of battle.

On-screen presenter Bettany Hughes is an award-winning historian and broadcaster. Bettany combines natural authority with warmth, personality and empathy. She’ll discover the significance and resonance of these Eight Days along with us, the viewer, as she explores key sites in Rome’s empire and meets expert witnesses on subjects ranging from psychopathy to ancient religion.