Broadcast Now have revealed the shortlist for their 2013 awards, and Holby City has been nominated in the Best Soap / Continuing Drama category.

Pause Live Action blog has posted a review from Tuesday night's episode of Holby City and includes Joseph's character.

In the department that we know fondly as AAU, Imelda had made her presence felt by ejecting Luc from the post-Eddi comfort zone of his lab to do some actual doctoring. Luc’s bedside manner is my guilty pleasure – he’s got no time for niceness and is pragmatic to the point of ruthlessness. Sacha’s phrase, “Majestically up himself” covers it nicely. I also like it when he takes the piss out of himself. “If I went in for the human contact stuff, I honestly could hug you,” he told the aforementioned Sacha (the world’s most huggable man, admittedly). He’s even going to let Sacha help with his research project. This has pleased Sacha, because Chrissie has told him he needs to push himself forward more. Poor man.