Photos of Joseph (sporting the full Willmore beard), have been shared by The Actor's Centre today, with news that he has become a patron. Check out the website for more photos and info.

The Actors Centre is extremely excited to announce that actors Indira Varma and Joseph Millson have become new Patrons of the Centre and the Tristan Bates Theatre. These two well-known and respected actors will support the Actors Centre as it moves into a new era and approaches its 40th Birthday. Indira and Joseph will both be a vital voice for the Actors Centre within the industry and we couldn't be happier to welcome them on board... 

...Joseph Millson has already been working with the Centre and helped establish and is chief benefactor of the Actors Centre’s Joseph Millson Bursary. The Bursary was created in support of those who want to pursue a career in acting, but have not had access to training due to lack of funds or circumstance. The Bursary is now in its second year.

Millson said, “I was genuinely incredibly honoured to be asked to be a Patron of the Actors Centre, I can remember really vividly coming out of drama school and being out of work and this being a place of solace.” He continued, “I think the Actors Centre is important to actors in today’s industry because of an emotive reason. Our job is a strange one, I think if you were any other practitioner you would be able to practice your art form at home. But you have to have someone else as an actor. It can be a lonely thing to know that that is what you are and not be able to do it. This is a place [the Actors Centre] where you can practice your craft and learn and fail; having freedom to fail in a room where it’s safe.”