The Times shared a 4 star review for Macbeth online, describing it as utterly absorbing and unusually amusing, but you have to be a sunscriber to read it. Alternatively grab the dead tree version tomorrow. Two more reviews have been shared online this evening.

There are moments when the production comes close to slapstick but it is saved by sensitive performances and Olly Fox’s stirring period score, which is played by musicians on the balcony. Joseph Millson is a captivating, swarthy Macbeth and Samantha Spiro brings a steely composure to the part of his bullying wife, barking orders and insults with relish... Financial Times

For a start, this is one of the most enjoyable Macbeths you’ll ever see. Counter-intuitively, Best plays it for laughs, yet manages to maintain the Globe-friendly air of levity without sacrificing any of the dramatic tension needed to strike at the play’s dark emotional core. How does she do this? One of the most interesting aspects of her interpretation is to emphasise the sense of unreality that grips Joseph Millson’s Macbeth when he first encounters the witches. Theatre News Online

News also that Joseph's indie horror film Dead of the Nite has been picked up for distribution by Acort International.