Some fabulous 4 and 5 star reviews have appeared for Noises Off, currently playing at the Theatre Royal in Bath. Joseph Millson's performance as Garry Lejeune gets huge praise. The show finishes at the Theatre Royal, Bath on Oct 1, then tours to Richmond, Brighton and Cambridge

Jonathan Coy’s lack of confidence as fretful male lead Frederick Fellowes is matched by Joseph Millson’s splendid disintegration before a succession of pratfalls as fellow actor Garry Lejeune. The Stage

The big laughs (and there are still lots) are largely left to the brilliant Joseph Millson, who plays the grandstanding lead actor Garry Lejeune. Millson bounces up the stairs with his shoelaces tied together: hilarious. He tumbles down the stairs: sublime. The Guardian

Joseph Millson is outstanding as the increasingly demonic Garry (playing Roger the randy estate agent), whose suspicion that Dotty, his off-stage squeeze, is carrying on with Freddie is fuelled by finding her in what appear to be compromising positions with various actors every time he comes offstage. Daily Mail

The whole company gives it their all from start to finish, but the warmest audience reaction goes to Joseph Millson, whose demise – in both characters – is steep and whose timing is perfect. Bristol 24/7

Joseph Millson as Garry Lejeune is a show-stealing delight. His decline across the three acts is a masterclass in comedic acting. His physicality become more disconnected whilst his career escapes from his grasp. Bath Echo

Joseph Millson gave an outstanding performance as Garry Lejeune an estate agent hoping to find an empty house in which to have his wicked way with Sasha Frost as Brooke Ashton. He had us crying with laughter in the first ten minutes of the action which is no mean feat. Whats On Bath

Alexander Hanson, as the production director Lloyd Dallas, and Joseph Millson as grandstanding lead actor Garry Lejeune, just about steal the show and, alongside Sasha Frost as Brooke Ashton, generate most of the laughs and the slapstick comedy. Wiltshire Times