Joseph Millson has spent the last few weeks in Romania filming a Christmas movie for Universal Pictures, starring alongside Sarah-Jane Potts (as revealed by Sarah-Jane's agents). Joseph has shared behind the scenes photos from the filmsets on Twitter and Instagram. Joseph shared that his role in the film wrapped shooting last night.

A Prancer Tale has been directed by Phil Hawkins, and will hopefully be released for this year's festive season. Phil has been posting updates on his Facebook Page

Delighted to finally reveal I’m directing my FIRST STUDIO MOVIE for Universal and Sky!

A PRANCER TALE is now officially in principle photography after a year(!) of prep. My producer is Raffaella De Laurentiis who’s made such movies as DUNE & BACKDRAFT and so pleased to have @jamesoldhamdop by my side as cinematographer. I’ve always wanted to direct studio movies and now, 16 years in, I’m finally doing it. I think I’m going to shed a few happy tears the first time I see that big Universal globe play in front of our movie! It’s engrained in my childhood and comes before so many movies I love. Thank you to my manager at @artistsfirstinc and agent @fillinghamwestonassociates for helping make this happen. I can’t say who the cast is yet but our lead is a bit of a legend! And our movie has everything… kids, animals, snow, big sets (like the beautiful one pictured), stunts and even nights at -20 degrees! A challenging one but thoroughly enjoying it and hopefully we’re making a Christmas movie that will stand the test of time coming everywhere at the end of the year. Follow those dreams, folks. They do come true.