A couple of reviews have appeared online following last night's press night for The Rover at the Swan Theatre, and they are wonderful. The Telegraph posted their 4 star review too early yesterday, and have removed it from their website. Hopefully it will reappear today! The Stage has some great production photos, while more can be found on Rex and Getty. Photographer Alastair Muir has many on his website.

Much of this is down to Joseph Millson. He’s a joy to behold as the titular bounder Willmore, leather-trousered and lavishly-bearded, raffish and whisky tongued. He’s a glorious drunkard and has thrillingly articulate hips. The temperature dips a bit when he’s offstage. The Stage

The Rover is pure, unadulterated fun, from stomping stacked-heeled showdowns between suitors, its impressive sword-fights, the side story of Blunt being rolled by a con artist and Millson’s epically good drunk scene which sees him falling into the musicians and leering after a fortunate woman in the front row. Lee Brotherston has once again worked his magic to design a set which evokes the fretwork balconies and verandas of the unnamed Latino town; Grant Olding’s atmospheric music, played live on stage, is sensational and the costumes are gorgeous and seriously sexy. Stage Review