Message from Joseph Millson about a brand new kickstarter for feature film Signs of Life, written and to be directed by Joseph himself. Please share widely and support if you can. 

Now then, the Kickstarter thingy for what will be my first feature as writer / director goes live today.

If you can , please take a sniff. It’s going to be a genuinely useful and uplifting film for wobbly times. Be amazing if you can help in any way especially if you’d consider some kind of social media thumbs up for us and a nudge to those who follow you to sniff us.

Any support is genuinely huge at this stage. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, word of mouth all and any are awesome. Even a retweet with a word of support.

SIGNS OF LIFE. A heart-stopping drama with a side order of romantic comedy. A film by Joseph Millson With some of our finance in place, we are looking for collaborators to help us complete our modest budget and get this beautiful story in the can. Premise: Anne is a selective mute, struck dumb by a dangerous cycle of depression and grief. In an attempt to shift her outlook, she takes herself on a cheap holiday hoping to find peace, beauty and perspective. But on arrival, Anne is met with noise, squalor and danger. A chance encounter with another solo traveller offers her an unexpected solution, and a chain of surprising events unfolds between two strangers, which will either challenge and heal their separate lives or crumble them completely. HOOK: Opposites collide in a new way. A mute woman and an oversharing 'tigger' of a man create the unexpectedly delightful dynamic at the heart of this story.

COMPARABLE WORKS: Once, After Sun, The Lost Daughter, A Bigger Splash, Lost in Translation. Why?: The world today is a volatile place, full of fear and cruelty. Connections and acts of kindness really do make a difference, and it's often in the helping of others that we ourselves can start to heal.

SIGNS OF LIFE uses a compelling story and incredible central performances to address these themes. The screenplay for the film has been constructed to ensure consistently surprising twists and engagement. It was awarded a first class distinction by the Falmouth University Screenwriting faculty. We have an amazingly experienced cast attached and a small but mighty crew including many young filmmakers. We are committed to giving great opportunities to emerging filmmakers. Our crew is led by cinematographer, Elliot Millson who, at only 21 years old, has already received awards and nominations at many festivals, and was nominated for Best Cinematographer at the 2022 National Youth Film Awards.