Deadline recently announced a new indie film which Joseph Millson features in: 'Two Neighbors' (sic). Recently filmed in the UK, but set in New York, Two Neigbors is an indie film directed by Ondine Vinao. Joseph's character has not been revealed yet. 

Co-written by Viñao and Jordan Johnson, Two Neighbors, a dark comedy set in New York, is inspired by Aesop’s fable Avaricious and Envious. Becky (Chalotra), an ambitious but struggling writer, is overcome by envy and spite when she meets Stacy (Cherry), a beautiful but insatiable socialite, at a lavish party hosted by Stacy’s father at their country estate. The evening descends slowly into chaos, and the girls’ lives are forever transformed after the unexpected arrival of a modern-day genie (Ineson) who promises to grant their deepest, darkest wishes. The film is produced by Silkscreen, with the company’s Ivy Freeman-Attwood serving as producer. Sean Croft, Kian Benjamin and Brendan Brulon are executive producing. Briar McQuilkin and Jordan Johnson serve as co-producers.

Joseph has been sharing photos on social media of a film he is currently shooting in Thailand, teaming up again with director Howard J. Ford on 'River Of Blood'. With a title like that, we can assume this is probably going to be another horror film which Joseph loves. 

REinvent International Sales has boarded Howard J. Ford’s “River of Blood,” a psychological thriller that’s about to start shooting in Thailand. The company will unveil the project to buyers at the American Film Market.

The cast comprises of Joseph Millson (“Casino Royale”), Louis James (“Help”), Ella Starbuck (“Witch”), David Wayman (“The Ledge”) and Sarah A. Marks (“Witch”).

Penned by Tom Boyle, the film follows two young couples on a luxurious holiday at a jungle resort who go on a kayaking tour through the jungle where their friend, Ritchie, mysteriously disappears. As they search for Ritchie, the couples unwittingly wander into the perilous territory of an Indigenous tribe of cannibals known for their gruesome rituals. Their dream vacation soon turns into a nightmarish fight for survival on sacred land.

Ford’s credits include “The Dead,” “The Ledge,” “Never Let Go” and the horror thriller “The Lockdown Hauntings.” Rikke Ennis, REinvent CEO, said she “immediately knew that it was a film that would have huge potential internationally” upon reading the script. “A terrifying horror thriller with cannibals as a main driving force, combined with Howard’s incredible directing skills is really something to keep an eye out for,” said Ennis, who previously ran TrustNordisk.