A new interview with Joseph Millson was shared by the Leighton Buzzard Observer. Joseph discusses his new book Work and Other Four Letter Words, and secribes the challenges of being an actor during the pandemic. 

Joseph said: “It’s not just a book for actors and those nosy about acting, there is a spine running through it which non actors have enjoyed enormously, the love affair we all have to develop with work itself. No golden secrets, but a huge dollop of stubborn optimism runs through the pages. “Writing this book over the last few years has been fascinating, joyful and occasionally painful as I revisit a few dark places.

News of another new acting project has been shared online. Joseph take the role of Mark in Mark Ravenhill's new play Angela. Running 26 – 28 March 2021, Mark Ravenhill's new play is autobiographical and centres around his mother, aged 84, suffering with dementia, and looking back across her life - directed by award-winning radio producer Polly Thomas