According to the Denver Film Festival website, Amy & Sophia will be screened on the 10th and 12th November. Tickets and more details can be found here

Sophia's parents died before her eyes in a car crash when she was a child. Scarred by the experience and smothered by her grandparents, she escapes into her imagination, where she thrives in fantastical surroundings.

Amy is also disconnected from her life as she follows her mother back to the UK from the States, leaving her troubled father behind. At first it seems as though she's destined to repeat her mother's mistakes, falling in with a local gang. Then she meets Sophia. They appear to be so different from one another: Amy assured and world-weary, Sophia shy and sheltered. But as Amy's past catches up with her and the choices she makes threaten her very life, it's Sophia who saves her.

Shot on location in Cardiff and London, Adam Lipsius directed this magical-realist drama as a way to grapple with the ways in which we as humans recover from abuse and loss.

Emma Raine Walker, who plays Sophia, wrote the script; Sir Julian Glover costars with his wife Isla Blair.

The first festival screening for the film was at the inaugural Cardiff International Film Festival last month, where Amy & Sophia won the Best Welsh Feature Film award!