Fans of Joseph Millson's voice are in for a treat today! The latest audio adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma, with Joseph as Mr Knightley, is now available to buy from Audible UK. The amazing cast includes Emma Thompson, Joanne Froggatt and Aisling Loftus. 

Clever, rich and deeply flawed: one of our favourite Austen heroines Emma Woodhouse is brought to life in this beautiful dramatic recording. She may have lived an entirely uncomplicated life thus far ensconced in the idyllic countryside village of Highbury, but the young and naïve Emma is about to understand the consequences of her romantic meddling. Jane Austen has created a believable yet unconventional protagonist in Emma while taking the listener on a delightfully comedic journey of friendship and romance. Emma Thompson as the narrator leads an all-star cast, including Joanne Froggatt, Isabella Inchbald and Morgana Robinson.