The Daily Express has shared an article speculating over a new season of The Last Kingdom, discussing which characters would be expected to return, if season 3 was going ahead. Joseph's character has been included. Nothing has been announced yet. Read the article in full on the Express website. 

Who’s returning to The Last Kingdom season 3?

Season three of The Last Kingdom is expected to be based on Bernard Cornwell’s novels The Burning Land and Death of Kings - the fifth and sixth books from his Saxon Stories series.

Going by the books, the new run of the BBC and Netflix show will see the return of central character and narrator Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon).

  • By Uhtred’s side will be his devoted wife Gisela (Peri Baumeister) as the couple continue to navigate through a dangerous and unstable land.
  • King Alfred (David Dawson) looks set to be back at King Alfred, whom Uhtred is helping.
  • His wife Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth) seems likely to return to the drama if King Alfred is back.
  • Princess Aethelflaed and daughter to King Alfred (Millie Brady) looks likely to come back as Uhtred will be trying to save her in the wake of her kidnap.
  • The princess’ husband Aethelred (Toby Rego) appears in The Burning Land , suggesting that he will back.
  • Joseph Millson will return as Uhtred’s evil uncle Ælfric and the pair are set for further conflict.

With a career spanning two decades, Joseph Millson has been in everything from Doctors and New Tricks to The Sarah Jane Adventures and Holby city.